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In Florida, particularly in the coastal areas, the possibility of severe weather has mandated the use of high performance building construction components. This has resulted in some of the toughest building codes in the USA. Block walls, stud framing and roof trusses may withstand the winds of a major storm, but the weak points in the building envelope are the windows, doors and skylights... any break in the structural integrity of the building.

The arrival of the storm season draws attention to the need for some type of protection for residential and commercial windows. The most common security precautions are expensive storm shutters. When a hurricane looms on the horizon, those with unprotected windows often resort to nailing plywood over the openings until the storm passes.

Why nail plywood over your windows? Miami Impact Windows has always provided an attractive alternative that doesn't require constant preparation every time a serious storm is forecasted. Our impact resistant windows and doors will protect your home while maintaining the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your property. These products also abate outside noise, provide UV protection and may even help reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. Protect your property with Miami Impact Windows! Offering attractive solutions to protect South Florida against unpredictable weather for over twenty five years and counting!

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